• How much plastic PE tank is known

Update:12 Dec 2017

• Plastic tank manufacturers suggest that PE tank is ma […]

Plastic tank manufacturers suggest that PE tank is made of pure polyethylene (LLDPE, HDPE) as raw material and molded by special rotational molding process. Plastic tanks with no welding, no leakage, non-toxic, light weight, anti-aging, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, long life and other advantages. Integral molding, corrosion resistance, long life advantages are particularly prominent. Plastic storage tank can store and respond to most of the inorganic acids, alkalis, salts and most organic solvents, can partially replace the stainless steel titanium, nickel, high alloy steel and other materials, plastic storage tanks in line with dangerous goods storage and transportation regulations, is stored Reaction chemical corrosion solution, clean solution ideal storage container. This product meets the national health standards, can replace the stainless steel container shipping food-grade solution.
• ① plastic storage tank forming a good overall integrity, no welding, never leakage, impact resistance, tensile strength, anti-oxidation, anti-aging properties, in line with health food standards.
• ② Plastic tank manufacturers suggest that the service life of up to 15 years due to the excellent performance of LLDPE and the special structure of the rotomoulding tank.
• ③ Chemical resistance is very good, with the exception of a few solutions can swollen it, almost most of the material solution resistant.
• ④ plastic storage tank with internal and external corrosion characteristics, can be placed in a highly corrosive environment.
• ⑤ General storage tank conditions of use at room temperature and atmospheric pressure; special circumstances, the tank can be used under the conditions of temperature less than 70 ℃ and hydraulic pressure less than 1kg / cm2.
• ⑥ Rotational Anticorrosive Storage Tanks have great advantages in large-size, large-capacity and large-volume products. Despite their large size, they maintain the integrity of forming once, which is beyond the reach of other tank technologies .
• ⑦ compared with the traditional anti-corrosion tank, low cost, high cost performance.