Bottle purchase

Update:27 Nov 2017

First look. See the bottle packaging information is com […]

First look. See the bottle packaging information is complete, including the QS bottle logo, factory certification, business name and address, material description, use, precautions and so on. Unqualified bottles, bottle black, impurities, the scale is not clear. Do not buy printed bottles with vivid decorative patterns, with particular attention not to buy bottle vivid bottle pattern, because the color pattern may release harmful substances, endangering children's health.
Second, smell. Poor bottles usually use some recycled material to produce, smell it open and have impurities.
Third, pinch. Choose a higher hardness bottle, high-quality plastic even if the use of boiling water will not be deformed, the bottle material is very soft bottle encountered high temperature deformation, the purchase can be judged by hand pinch, good pinch pinch is not easy to deformation.
When using plastic bottles, the bottle should be heated to room temperature, heated with breast milk or formula milk bottle, the temperature should not be too high, it is recommended not to use microwave heating. Plastic bottles in the first use is best to use hot water soaked several times, it is not recommended to store breast milk or formula milk in plastic bottles, milk should be poured before the child or milk brewing.