Entrance store nine methods

Update:07 Nov 2017

1, Drawers Channel-type entrance if the space is large, […]

1, Drawers
Channel-type entrance if the space is large, you can plan both sides of the cabinet, the middle side of the hollow configuration platform, the level of plastic-shaped depth, and then the cabinet can be placed below the chest of drawers keys, shoes, etc., , To meet the needs of different items storage.
2, Hanging cabinet

Worried about the porch furnishings cabinet appears too large volume, the bottom can be vacant, the middle of the mosaic platform to create a sense of visual lightness, when relatives and friends visit, the bottom can also be used as a temporary display of shoes, to maintain channel clearance. As for the internal storage mechanism, equipped with self-adjusting height of the exchange floor, it can be based on the height of shoes or items for effective storage, will not waste cabinet space.
3, Retractable laminate

If the entrance room is spacious, the configuration of the cabinet barrel length is longer, in order to improve the storage efficiency and take easy to place, may wish to draw some of the deck plate design, as long as a simple pull out, the rear area can put a pair of shoes .
4, End scene cabinet

In order to create a home-based vision, do not want to display large-scale cabinet body weight, you can display half-waist high-end scene cabinets, as a platform for art or decorative display, the cabinet is simply to provide shoe storage, suitable for families with fewer household members.
5, Double door cabinet

Sometimes the cabinet is longer and longer. If there is only a single door, the switch will feel heavy and heavy. Therefore, it can be changed to the upper and lower display panels, and then through the design of the double door cabinet, the cabinet will be sorted according to the storage objects or family members Divided into different regions, want to take what to open that door can be.
6, Double shoe

If the cabinet barrel length is longer, in addition to the design of drawing board, budget enough, then double-layered shoe design. This convenience is that the cabinet is configured with two layers before and after, greatly improving the storage efficiency, and then the entire width of the back of the storage shelves, can be used to place less commonly used items, if you want to take items, because the front layer Only half the width of the board, along the track can move light left and right, so in no way hindered.
7, Up and down cabinet

In order to shape the different entrance porch expression, the cabinet can do some modeling changes, such as planning the upper and lower cabinet. Among them, the cabinet has a drawer placed keys, small change, and other small objects, but also display out the deck shoes; platform used to display the decoration or potted plants, add to the taste of life; but also to modify the beam on the cabinet, you can accommodate infrequent use or do not want to Let children touch the items.
8, Ramp board shoe

When the depth of the space on both sides of the entrance is not enough, the design ingenuity can be transferred to the inside of the cabinet, and the horizontal floorboard can be changed to a swash plate. Because the hands do not have to be specially extended, it is suitable for the undercounter of the indoor slippers, Reciprocal are more convenient.
9, Wardrobe

Homeowners who wish to have more storage capacity for the entrance can plan the lockers in addition to the shoe and the lockers so that the visitor can hang the coat hats there and the owner can also display a few windshields Or jacket, do not always have to run a locker room.