Home storage principle

Update:19 Dec 2017

1、Use to decide the place Put items near the place of u […]

1、Use to decide the place
Put items near the place of use, put commonly used items on hand. Try to have a storage box for each item, so you can save space and look neat. On the other hand, you usually do something to remove a few items. Therefore, it is necessary to use these supporting things for "associated storage." Just use it, just take it out of the box, you can use.
2、Size determines the place
Put the closet? Or put a drawer? With such a simple discretion, "Of course, large items are put in lockers and small items are put in drawers." However, there are still many people who can not do this and can often see some people putting documents in a bag, Packed in the closet. Or well placed to place it, there are reasonable on the storage box, this will save you a lot of trouble.
3、Spare "hiding"
There are quite a few things in your home that you can not use for long periods of time. Such as the extra quilt, the quarter of the clothes and spare daily necessities. The proper way to store these items is to "hide" them, that is, to keep them out of reach. Excess quilt can be used to store cotton quilt bag, the season clothes can be used to contain the box / box to close under the bed or wardrobe top cloth. Do use separate storage and spare.
4、Timely back in place
To develop good living habits, the finished items will be promptly returned to their original position, which is an essential part of home storage. Of course, if you send these items back to "home" is only a hand, it is easy to develop this habit. Whether the items can be returned to the home in time is also an indicator of whether the storage made before the check is reasonable.