How to pick up the storage box

Update:31 Oct 2017

Storage box is loaded with the box, that is, things wil […]

Storage box is loaded with the box, that is, things will be collected, then, how to select the storage box? Here to those who are trying to buy a friend, to provide a little experience and reference.
1, select the appropriate material
Storage box with plastic, non-woven fabrics, and non-woven film and other materials, these materials have their own characteristics, if  things less, you can choose plastic, relatively light; loaded more things, or With non-woven film, it is easier to clean.
2, choose a good quality storage box
Storage box is easy to use, the use of a long line will appear offline, opening and other issues, so to choose good quality, suture, the interface is strong.
3, choose not to take up space storage box
In the purchase of storage box, it is best to buy can be folded, so that the greatest degree of space-saving, when using the storage box, you can layer to start, do not have to fold good.
4, select the pattern pattern beautiful
Storage box is not only installed a variety of items, more beautify the effect of home environment, it is best to buy patterns beautiful pattern, can add luster to the home environment, people look more pleasing, such as lotus, lotus and other designs are great.