Matters needing attention to buy food plastic containers

Update:03 Jan 2018

There are a variety of plastic containers on the market […]

There are a variety of plastic containers on the market, but unqualified items tested for plastic can cause serious damage.
1, The drop performance is the simulation of food packaging containers in the transport process after the fall or not can play a protective role in the contents of the product is one of the important performance. The main reasons for causing unqualified in two ways, first, some companies in the production process to cut corners, the use of lower prices, poor quality of raw materials or recycled materials for crushing mixed with new materials for production; Second, some small and medium sized Enterprise technology is relatively backward, in the process of injection molding or blow molding containers uneven thickness and stress caused by uneven distribution of the product eventually failed unlucky performance.
2, The sealing performance is to simulate the possibility of leakage of drinking cups and bottles in the use of milk, is one of the important performance of the product. Unqualified plastic cups or bottles can cause leakage, scald or dirt to the user's hot beverage or milk. The main reason for the unacceptable sealing performance is that the technology of small enterprises lags behind and the uneven thickness of the product causes the cap and the cup body to not fit closely, resulting in leakage. There are also some bottles because the nipple and the lid caused by improper matching. Some companies use inferior quality gaskets, the gaskets can not be sealed on the cup.
3, Residual acrylonitrile monomer in food packaging containers can migrate to food and thus harm the human body. Residual content of acrylonitrile monomer is a highly toxic substance, mutagenic, carcinogenic and teratogenic; and its access to the human body can be firmly bonded with the red blood cells, resulting in the accumulation of the body, in addition, acrylonitrile can cause contact Dermatitis, manifested as erythema, herpes and scaling and so on. At present, there is no corresponding national standard for AS raw resin for food packaging materials, and some enterprises do not test and control the quality of raw materials purchased. AS plastic bottles made of unqualified raw materials are prone to exceed the standard of acrylonitrile monomer.