PET transparent plastic bottles should not be reused

Update:25 May 2018

PET transparent plastic bottle recycling methods are ch […]

PET transparent plastic bottle recycling methods are chemical recovery and physical recovery. The chemical recycling method is a method of producing useful chemicals from PET waste bottles under certain reaction conditions, such as the production of low-grade fuel gasoline. The physical recycling method is to granulate waste PET bottles by separation, crushing, washing and drying.

The physical recycling method mainly includes the following two methods: First, the waste PET plastic bottle is shredded into pieces, HDPE, aluminum, paper and adhesive are separated from the PET, and the PET pieces are washed, dried and granulated: Non-PET plastic Dustbin, bottoms, labels and other impurities on waste PET bottles are mechanically separated, washed, broken, and granulated.

From the experts, we learned that qualified beverage bottles and mineral water bottles should all be made of food-grade plastic. The primary ingredient is PET. These food grade PET bottles cannot withstand high temperatures and need to be used at low temperatures. It is generally safe to use under 70 degrees Celsius. These plastic bottles are used one-time, and the state stipulates that the company can not take back and repeat the use of filling. Some people are accustomed to using it as a kettle. We strongly disagree with it.

Because the harmful substances in the plastic will dissolve out of the hot water and enter the water. And repeated use of mineral water bottles or beverage bottles, cleaning indicators can not reach. Manufacturers in the initial filling, the bottle has been subjected to strict disinfection, removal, sterilization and other procedures, and consumers repeatedly use the bottle, did not pass these cleaning procedures, not clean and safe.