Plastic containers of the use of precautions

Update:05 Feb 2018

    Plastic containers have been used more and more wid […]

    Plastic containers have been used more and more widely in all aspects of people's life and production. However, due to the use of the product materials, made of different and performance, in particular, some products contain toxicity, poisoning or do not lead to serious consequences, so scientifically and correctly use plastic containers Weihai is important. So, Weihai plastic containers to pay attention to what?
      Plastic containers of the use of precautions:
① understand product performance, distinguish whether it is toxic. This mainly depends on what material is made of plastic, without adding plasticizers, stabilizers and so on. The general market for the sale of plastic food bags, bottles, pails, kettles, mostly polyethylene plastic, feel a sense of touch with a sense of touch, the surface like a layer of wax, flammable, yellow flame and wax drops, A paraffin smell, this plastic is non-toxic. Industrial packaging plastic bags or containers, mostly made of polyvinyl chloride, which contains lead salt stabilizer.
② Do not use plastic products loaded with oil, vinegar, wine.Although it is sold on the market of white translucent pail, although it is non-toxic, but not suitable for a long time loading oil, vinegar, or easy to collect plastic swelling phenomenon , Will also oxidize the oil, resulting in harmful substances to the human body. Especially noteworthy is that do not use toxic PVC pail containing oil, vinegar, wine, etc., otherwise it will make oil, vinegar wine pollution, people eat pain, nausea, skin allergies, serious will Damage to bone marrow and liver. In addition, we must also pay attention to, do not put kerosene, gasoline, ether, etc., because these things easy to plastic softening, swelling until cracking, damage, and cause unexpected consequences.
Pay attention to the maintenance of anti-aging.People use plastic products, they often encounter the occurrence of hardening, cracking and performance degradation, which is the phenomenon of plastic aging. In order to solve the problem of aging, people often add some anti-aging agent to plastic to slow down the aging rate. In fact, this problem has not been solved fundamentally. In order to make the collection of plastic products can be durable, mainly to be used properly.