Plastic storage box maintenance methods

Update:26 Dec 2017

Plastic storage box maintenance methods: placed at room […]

Plastic storage box maintenance methods: placed at room temperature, not exposure, do not jump.

Books and magazines admission
Pulley with newspaper, magazine storage box, waterproof non-woven newspaper magazine, and the pulley can be detached. Its bright colors, fashionable style, both good home decoration, but also a good helper for the home.

Underwear or cosmetics storage
Than the general non-woven storage box more hygroscopic, antibacterial effect, so you bid farewell to the smell of mothballs and dust troubles, can protect the health of underwear, are healthy, Mercure storage series products. Transparent visual film can clearly see the box items, with a zipper design airtight better.

Small objects layered admission
Commonly used small objects to find always a headache, they accidentally will be under pressure in the big clothing, possession of tidy. Storage box two sets of small objects at home can be classified to achieve good storage results. It can be hung in the closet or bedroom, with some decorative effect.

Office desk / desk storage
When it comes to desktop finishing, it makes people feel uncomfortable, because when you are young, you always end up messing with stationery. It consists of two storage boxes, and what kind of pencils, pens, eraser and correction fluid are thrown inside?

Take a stool storage box
This storage stool modeling simple, warm and lovely design. Can be used as a sitting bench can also facilitate your collection finishing a variety of debris, while making full use of space, but also has some decorative effect.

Commonly used disc storage
Although many people have a special CD collection rack, a small storage box readily available is also quite pleasing. It is stylish, simple and generous, can accommodate a variety of everyday items, items to the classification, so that the room becomes neat and orderly.

Colorful socks storage
Home has a wide range of stockings, tube socks, socks, cotton gloves, these you always have to sort it together? This requires sorting boxes to help. Material is environmental protection, after special treatment, dustproof, antibacterial, deodorant, let you rest assured that the use of access and convenient.

Balcony clothespins storage
Cute animal design can be used as a room decoration, storage or placing garbage, slingshot tube design can also be collapsible for collection, there is waterproof inner layer can be placed wet, easy to clean, can be used to scrub with a damp cloth.

Laundry to be stored
There are elastic traveler, cover quality cotton cloth, the lid with a zipper, mold, dust. Can be used to store baby toys and sundries, can also be used as dirty clothes bucket, a lot of use Oh!