Plastic water bottle to buy the precautions

Update:29 Jan 2018

• There are a variety of plastic containers on the mark […]

• There are a variety of plastic containers on the market. How to buy non-toxic plastic containers? Today we come to introduce the items you need to pay attention to in the selection of plastic cups.
1, when purchasing drinking cups:
First look at the packaging appearance. Check whether there is "QS" mark on the product or packaging to see whether the bottle wall is transparent and pure. The general poor quality plastic products are not clean, sticky and astringent, try not to choose the color more brightly colored glass, add color may be to cover up the regeneration Harmful impurities in plastics or industrial grade materials.
Followed by the smell, if there is a pungent smell, even if you do not unscrew the lid, smell from the outside, but also smell the smell.
Then look at the hardness, good plastic container thicker, good hardness, hand pressure inward will not over-deformation, in addition, you can pour hot water bottle to see if the bottle is deformed, there is smell, and repeatedly up and down Turn it upside down to see if it is sealed.
2, when using plastic drinking cup:
Plastic water cup for the first time before the use of hot water soak several times to remove the bottle may have impurities or harmful substances; when the ambient temperature is low, should be added a small amount of hot water preheating to prevent the glass in the dramatic temperature changes Resulting in structural changes, poor mechanical properties, low temperature will make the plastic easy to brittle, it is not suitable for low temperature water cup from falling, try not to put the glass in extreme environments, such as high temperature exposure or microwave heating.
These are the considerations for buying plastic cups, be sure to buy qualified products at the time of purchase, unqualified plastic cups in the use of the possibility of leakage, will give the use of people in danger.