Precautions for using plastic containers

Update:22 Jan 2018

 We use plastic containers in our daily life. They are […]

 We use plastic containers in our daily life. They are mainly used for containing solid chemicals, food, and liquid substances. All kinds of plastic containers and appliances there are security risks, so when using plastic containers pay special attention to what?
① Avoid using plastic containers and kitchen plastic containers made by informal manufacturers: Since many inexpensive plastic containers sold on the market often do not specify the specific scope of the application, the general public should avoid using such plastic containers to store heat The food, especially the liquid food and oil content larger food. Because of the heat, oil can promote the plastic container to separate the harmful components of substances, thus affecting human health.
② The use of regular manufacturers of microwave ovens dedicated plastic containers Products: Microwave ovens plastic containers should be translucent, no color, and is a high temperature products. Microwave heating water content of larger foods, you can use PP plastic containers. Heating oil-rich dishes, food, it is best to use more heat-resistant PC plastic containers. If heating non-liquid food, should not use any plastic container. When using microwave ovens to heat food, it is best to use glass containers or porcelain without any internal dye.
Because some plastic containers, in high temperature will become soft and deformed, it is best not to use this type of plastic containers for food.Although these plastic containers at room temperature is safe, but at high temperatures may be decomposed, the release of harmful Common to someone hot water, hot tea into mineral water bottles or drink bottles for drinking, this approach has some health hazards.