Storage box production methods

Update:05 Dec 2017

1, First of all, with a transparent plastic glue into a […]

1, First of all, with a transparent plastic glue into a hexagonal six hexagons.
2, Draw hexagons on the wallpaper, each with the same length PVC card.
3, And then on each side of the outside with a PVC card gestures, then out of the card the same width, after painting, and then in the outer edge of the edge plus a side, used as a package PVC card.
4, Then draw the vertical line.
5, Each side of the vertical line drawn after the cut out redundant.
6, The outer edge of the folded up.
7, With a freshly cut wallpaper wrapped in 6-sided card.
8, The perfect back came out.
9, Three-dimensional feeling is not bad.
10, According to the shape of the box draw a hexagonal cardboard, cut down on the bottom of the box to increase the hardness of the bottom of the box.
11,In the hard lining also draw a hexagonal cloth to add a stitch.
12, The lining of the box have to do a little more beautiful.
13, The card inside the box covered with double-sided adhesive.
14, The liner attached to the box inside.
15, The bottom of the hexagon also sticky double-sided adhesive.
16, The bottom of the hexagon is also attached to the lining after the paste inside the box to go.
17, The remaining two cards cut off, each card cut into three equal small cards.
18, With double-sided adhesive glue sticks six small cards, put the box on the mouth of the test, just stuck.
19, The lid is the same as the box. Familiar front of the steps is simple.
20, But the edge of the hexagon does not need to be too wide outside, just need to cut out the back of the same small card just fine.
21, The beginning of six small cards made of hexagonal paste the edge of the lid.
22, Try to cover the box to see if it is suitable for easy modification.
23, Then use the same piece of cloth to make a thin lining, it is best to take the iron ironing.
24, Attached to the lid inside the edge.
25, With a cloth lid lining.
26, With a cardboard cut a lid of the same size into the hexagonal inside the lid.
27, The lining attached to the lid inside.
28, And then stick a row of beads in the bottom edge of the box up, but also waterproof, lid a few beads in the center of the lid as the lid handle.