Testing of performance indicators of plastic barrels

Update:11 Aug 2018

Plastic barrel anti-corrosion test: When the plastic fo […]

Plastic barrel anti-corrosion test: When the plastic food container is tested for its anti-corrosion property, the barrel is placed in a corrosive chemical, and after the temperature of the corrosive chemical is maintained at 75 degrees Celsius and immersed for 48 hours, the barrel should not have Any cracking, blistering or deformation occurs.

Anti-aging test of plastic drum: (1) The anti-aging condition of the material should meet the requirements of the following table: aging time (h) The change rate of impact strength after artificial aging is 6000 ≤ 40% (2) Inject high-quality anti-UV raw materials, color pigment 5%, guarantee 8 Year (outdoor) does not fade.

Plastic barrel resistance to cold and heat: Working temperature: -30 ° C ~ 50 ° C. Destructive test: -30 ° C ~ 110 ° C (softening temperature). Detailed description: The plastic bucket will be first refrigerated at -18 °C for up to 12 hours, after which it will be continuously used for 3 times from the injection point of 1m high to the plastic trash can with a 65mm diameter and 5kg iron column. After the low temperature test, the barrel should not be cracked or deformed.