What are the main varieties of plastic containers

Update:19 Apr 2018

With the continuous development of plastics industry te […]

With the continuous development of plastics industry technology, the variety of plastic containers currently on the market is abundant, and almost all imaginable sizes and shapes can be found. For each conceivable purpose, there are suitable specifications available. What are the main varieties of this plastic product?

The main varieties of plastic containers:
1. Polystyrene Containers: Polystyrene containers that can be heat-synthesized and injection molded. General polystyrene is transparent and impact-resistant polystyrene is translucent. Polystyrene containers can be used as a packaging for yogurt, acid cheeses, and powdered chemical seasonings.

2. Low-density polyethylene containers: Low-density polyethylene is soft, cold-resistant, moisture-proof, and waterproof. Burning is convenient, and the cost of the container is low. Therefore, it can be used in many applications. It can be used to manufacture extruded containers, preserve slime products, and be used for packaging of honey, powder insecticides, liquid detergents, and chemical medicines.

3. High-density polyethylene container: High-density polyethylene blow-molded container is one of the most used blow-molded products. Polyethylene has low moisture permeability, non-toxic and odorless. It is suitable for food packaging, but for gas and fragrance. Organic vapors are permeable to food. Drugs and chemicals should not be stored for a long time. Generally used to hold liquid detergents, seasonings, etc.

In addition, polypropylene is also the main variety of plastic containers. It is the ideal material for making transparent cans. Polypropylene sheet can be made of transparent cans, and oriented polypropylene can be made of transparent hard containers. Polyphenylene blown containers are commonly used to hold vinegar, infusions, liquid detergents, etc.