What are the uses of folding storage boxes?

Update:16 Jan 2018

• About folding boxes As the name suggests is to receiv […]

• About folding boxes As the name suggests is to receive something box, you can place food, medicine or cosmetics appliances.
Use points, there are food boxes, incense boxes, powder boxes, medicine boxes, mirror boxes, oil boxes, boxes, stationery boxes, chess boxes and so on.
The shape of a circular, rectangular, octagonal, melon-shaped, pomegranate, peach, double bird, side wins, silver ingots, flowers, hollow, angle type, daisy-style, such as cartridge.
There is also a large box of small box "child box" and multi-section suit "box" and so on. After the Tang Dynasty is widely fired around. Jingdezhen kiln firing in the Qing Dynasty white glaze box yield large box at the bottom of the box more than a box printed marked the workshop.